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Please share with us your testimony of your experience with us.      Thank you!

In November 1996 I purchased a 6 x 12 double axle , 5800#GVWR Superior Trailer in Pittsboro,NC for a very reasonable price. It has done lots of work over the past 21+ years. It has moved lots of equipment, farm tractors, sports cars and been loaned out to be a float in a parade several times. It supported a tower for a ham radio field day. It has required almost no maintenance. I did replace one wheel bearing and repacked grease in all of them. Also I recently replaced all of the lights with new LED type and I gave it a fresh coat of paint and it looks like new. It has and continues to be a great trailer. You build a terrific trailer. I wish I could post a picture here. Thank you.

Wayne Estabrooks


I recently purchased a 5 x 10 utility trailers after comparing several different brands including Home Depot, Northern Tool. I decided on Superior Trailers purchased at "The Trailer Place" in Marietta, GA.  The quality of the material, design, and the construction of my trailer is outstanding and all the others I looked at do not even come close!

I hope you will share this with your employees as they are doing a great job!

Steve Clark

Powder Springs, GA

I purchased a Superior Trailer in 2003, here in GA. I moved to Mississippi in 2004 using my  Superior Trailer.  August 29, 2005 hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast.  Living on a bayou which was connected to the Gulf, we had water over our roof.  Before we evacuated I chained the Superior trailer to a big pine tree.   When I came back after the storm the trailer had been moved by the flood completely around to the other side of the tree still chained up.   This trailer was used to for clean up and land clearing after that event with nothing more than repacking the wheel bearings, having gone completely under water during the hurricane.  I used that trailer another ten years with no problems.  On 4/12/2018 purchased another Superior Trailer - 5 x 8 standard trailer.

Carl Gibson


I recently purchased a 6 x 12 trailer.  I have enjoyed using it and have had great service out of it.  Your employees do a great job! Thank you.

Larry Toney

Athens, GA

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